The Need – Why Diapers?


Parenting  is hard enough… just imagine trying to raise a baby without enough diapers. Vermont Diaper Drive wants to make it easy for you to donate diapers directly to Vermont organizations who have identified a need for diapers in the families they serve.

One in three families struggle to afford diapers, at a cost of $70-$80 a month. Food stamps and WIC do not cover diapers. Many parents cannot attend school or work without childcare.  Many childcare centers require that parents supply 4-8 disposable diapers daily.

Families struggling to afford diapers may stretch their supply of diapers by leaving their baby in a single diaper each day, or by re-use of diapers.  Babies in wet or dirty diapers quickly develop rashes, health issues, and cry, an unhappy situation all around, and potentially a trigger for abuse.

Nationally, a network of diaper banks is trying to address diaper need.  In Vermont, we do not yet have a diaper bank, so this site aims to make it easier to donate diapers in Vermont.

 Visit our donate page here

You can have a direct, positive impact on someone’s quality of life by donating a supply of clean, fresh diapers. 

Sources:  National Diaper Bank Network, DC Diaper Bank, and Help a Mother Out  Diaper photo credit:  copyright Sergey0506