Burlington, Vermont: New North Ender builds “wall of diapers.”

From the Burlington Free Press, June 19, 2017, Thomas Fleury has collected a “wall of diapers” for neighbors in need, with some help from Seventh Generation.

Read the article at:



In other states: Mothers for Others in Greenwich, CT

Vermont Diaper Drive will be sharing news of other drives, diaper banks, and volunteer groups addressing diaper need across the country in our news section as they come to our notice. Please feel free to share with those you know in these states.

From Connecticut:  Mothers for Others, a volunteer group in Greenwich, will be holding events throughout 2017 to address diaper need:

“Kicking off the year will be a “Share the Love” campaign to raise funds, a Mother’s Day campaign and an event to mark National Diaper Need Awareness Week (Sept. 25 –Oct. 1, 2017). In addition, monthly diaper drives will be hosted at local preschools in the area.”

Read more of this news article at http://patch.com/connecticut/greenwich/mothers-others-announce-upcoming-year-events

or visit the Mothers for Others web site.

Study: Diaper Need and its Impacts on Child Health

Although studies have examined family socioeconomic status as income and educational and employment status, emerging research suggests indicators
of material hardship, such as diaper need, are increasingly important to child health.”

Read the study published in PEDIATRICS Volume 132, Number 2, August 2013  Diaper Need and Its Impact on Child Health by Megan V. Smith, Anna Kruse, Alison Weir and Joanne Goldblum.

Pediatrics is the the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Press Coverage: VTDigger 10/1/15

An excellent article in VT Digger by Tiffany Danitz-Pache on October 1, 2015 about the launch of Vermont Diaper Drive, and the need for diaper donations in Vermont.  Read the entire article on VTDigger.org

From the article: “Diapers are in high demand in Vermont, according to Judith Stermer, a spokesperson for the Vermont Food Bank. Stermer said the food bank serves 153,000 Vermonters annually, of which 10,600 are children under five years of age.”  VT Digger, October 1, 2015, Website matches up fresh diaper donations with Vermont families in need

Why Not Cloth?

Vermont Diaper Drive would like to be able to offer cloth diaper donations as a donation option, and plans to build that into the drive next year.

Cloth diapering is a great option if your access to a washing machine is not limited to expensive coin operated machines (can’t afford an in-home washer) and if your day care will accept cloth diapers as an option.

Cloth diapers are definitely a good option for families if washing machine access and day care diaper requirements are not issues.

Each family has to determine what best suits their particular circumstances.

In the coming months Vermont Diaper Drive will be reaching out to find and list Vermont organizations who accept cloth diaper donations so that we may offer them as a donation option.

Why Getting assistance is Not “taking advantage”

Christine Gilbert’s VOX post is about getting assistance from SNAP (Supplemental-Nutrition Assistance Program) aka food stamps, and it is a clear first person account of trying to stretch a dollar and why assistance is needed (and why it’s not “taking advantage”).

Remember, SNAP doesn’t cover diapers.    There’s no income-based assistance for diaper need, except perhaps at the local food shelf, or church, if you are extremely lucky and they happen to have some.

Please read Christine’s post, linked above.  And then come back, and donate some diapers.

Diaper Need Awareness Week


Vermont Diaper Drive is looking for volunteers to spread the word, for an online diaper drive in conjunction with Diaper Need Awareness Week, September 28 through October 4, 2015.

How you can help:

  • Donate diapers, and invite your friends to donate HERE by sending them  a link
  • “Like” Vermont Diaper Drive’s Facebook page or follow us on Twitter
  • Use #diaperneed and #diaperon in social media networks

Let’s donate diapers!!!